Friday, November 18, 2005

Tampa, FL: 'Investigation' into the events of 9/11

Press Contact: Ilene Proctor or Angus Hsu
Direct Line: (310) 271.5857
Cell: (310) 721.2336

Philanthropist Jimmy Walter Presents:
The New Pearl Harbor-Confronting the Evidence
A Real Investigation into What Happened on 9/11
Dec. 7, videos screened on Dec. 8

Who: Host Jimmy Walter, Morgan Reynolds, Dave Von Kleist, William Rodriguez, Joyce Riley and Eric Hufschmid and David Ray Griffin in Video

What: Vice President Dick Cheney and 24 other Bush officials and friends signed a call for a "New Pearl Harbor" as an excuse to invade Iraq in 1998. They said it would take "some catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor." to convince the American People that we must invade Iraq to "project American Military Power".

Where: Tampa Theater
711 Franklin Street
Tampa, Florida, 33602
For Reservations, call: 813 274 8286

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Anonymous said...

Watch the Katy Fountain Show on Channel 13, "Your Turn," from 12 to 1, Thursday, December 8 in Tampa Fla.