Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sample letter to Congress for hearings on 9/11


From Enver Masud, Founder and CEO, The Wisdom Fund

Many of you have been lobbying for a new 9/11 investigation. Getting that is a long term process, and it may not be any more productive than the investigation that NIST is conducting right now.

Having managed the National Power Grid Study (150 persons organized into 26 multidisciplinary teams—received Award of Excellence) for the U.S. Department of Energy, I know first-hand the pressures within the Executive Branch to subvert the process. Any new investigation will face the same pressures.

But we can do something that has a very good chance of success, and will break the media silence on 9/11. Ask for hearings in the House and Senate on the specific issues below.

Send a letter to your congressman and senators (personalize the sample below) asking them to hold hearings on these issues.

---begin sample letter---

Dear Congressman or Senator:

Over 500 scientists, engineers, professors, and aviation, intelligence, and government personnel now question "The 9/11 Commission Report". Polls show that a substantial number of US citizens, and others worldwide, also have doubts about the report's accuracy.

Like many of these scientists and engineers, I believe that "The 9/11 Commission Report" is fatally flawed -- see

To stop the drain on American blood and treasure, restore Americans' trust in government, and to restore America's standing worldwide, it is imperative that we obtain the truth about 9/11. We urge you to hold hearings focussed on the following issues:

1 - World Trade Center: Why did three buildings (47-story Building 7 was not even hit by a plane) collapse symmetrically at near free-fall speed -- about 10 seconds for WTC Buildings 1 and 2; less than 7 seconds for WTC Building 7?

2 - Pentagon: What is the hard evidence that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon (eg. serial numbers matched to serial numbers in aircraft maintenance logs), what explains the “strange absence of airliner debris”, and what caused the exit hole in C Ring?

3 - Flight 93: Why was there "nothing larger than a phone book" at the crash site, and debris from the plane spread over a few miles?

4 - Bin Laden and the hijackers: Why does the FBI's Most Wanted poster for Bin Laden not charge him with 9/11 while British media claim that some of the hijackers are alive, and there are no Arab names on the airlines' 9/11 passenger lists available to the public?

For background and links to sources see html.

The correct answers to these questions should go a long ways toward unravelling the truth about 9/11.

Signed, Name, Address, Phone

---end sample letter---

Together we can get to the truth about 9/11. Write to your congressman and senators today. You can use the form at

Download handout for lobbying, contacting media, etc.

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