Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Enver Masud's 9/11 lecture tour of South Africa and Malawi

Enver Masud, founder of The Wisdom Fund, just returned from a 3-week lecture tour of South Africa and Malawi.

Using video clips from CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox, plus photographs and official documents, Mr. Masud demonstrated that the major conclusions of "The 9/11 Commission Report"—the official, conspiracy theory—are false.

An iTV interview was broadcast to Sub-Saharan Africa via satellite. A one hour interview was broadcast across South Africa on SAfm—the American embassy declined SAfm's invitation to participate. Articles were published by local newspapers at most venues. The talk is available on the Internet as a slide and film presentation.

The following lists the venues and attendance:

Stanger, Nov 13: Enver Masud gave a talk at Kwa Zulu Natal town hall—about 200 attended.

Durban, Nov 14: Formal dinner of the Islamic Medical Association. Enver Masud gave the 45-minutes, keynote speech—about 600 attended.

Pietermaritzburg, Nov 15: Mixed crowd of about 250 at the beautiful campus of Kwa Zulu Natal University. Those attending included Yusuf Bamji, a member of the provincial parliament, and reporters from the Natal Witness (oldest paper in SA), Mercury, Independent Online, and Publica. Next day Enver was interviewed by Sharon Dell for the Natal Witness.

Durban, Nov 16: Venue changed at last minute to Sufi Hall in order to accommodate a larger than expected crowd. Overflow crowd of 600 to 700.

Port Shepstone, Nov 17: About 600 attended talk at Port Shepstone Islamic School.

Newcastle, Nov 18: About 450 attended talk at Checkers Hall.

Ladysmith, Nov 19: About 500 attended talk at Islamic Educational Centre.

Cape Town, Nov 20: Talk during lunch at Muslim Judicial Council. Interview on Voice of the Cape radio. About 600 attended talk at Town Hall.

Cape Town, Nov 21: Lunch with small group from the Islamic Medical Association. One hour interview on Radio 786. Talk at Dar-ul-Islam—about 480 attended.

Pietersburg, Nov 22: About 350 attended talk at Pietersburg Town Hall. Interview with Channel Islam during drive back next day to Johannesburg.

Johannesburg, Nov 23: Interview on iTV by Imam Sayed. About 750 attended talk at Nur-ul-Islam Centre.

Johannesburg, Nov 24: About 350 attended talk at Dar-ul-Islam Zakiriya. About 350 attended talk at the Institute of Social Sciences. Dinner talk with group of about 50 influential persons videotaped by iTV.

Johannesburg, Nov 26: One hour interview on Channel Islam.

Blantyre (Malawi), Nov 26: About 50 attended talk at Malawi Sun Conference Centre.

Zomba (Malawi), Nov 27: About 50 attended talk at Chancellor College.

Limbe (Malawi), Nov 28: Lunch with small group at Limbe Rotary Club.

Johannesburg, Nov 29. Talk at Roshnee Civic Hall—about 500 attended.

Johannesburg, Nov 30. One hour interview by Ashraf Garda on SAfm (very popular national talk radio). The U.S. embassy was given two weeks to provide a representative for the interview, but did not respond. Talk at Masjid al Takwa, Lenasia. One hour interview on iTV by Shamshad Sayed broadcast to 20 plus countries.

Port Elizabeth, Dec 1: Interview on KQFM in township that was the home of many of South Africa's ruling party. Talk at Masjid Takwa. Brief talk at Assaidaat Foundation dinner—about 500 attended.

Port Elizabeth, Dec 2: Interviewed by Shaanaaz De Jager for The Herald. Brief talk at Masjid Mansour, Eutinhage. Talk at Movement Hall—about 350 attended.

At each venue there were articles and ads, some full page, in local papers, plus posters announcing Enver’s appearance.

For more on 9/11, and articles by Enver Masud, visit The Wisdom Fund.

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