Saturday, May 10, 2008

9/11 'Truth Jihad' author running for Congress

Two years ago, the politicians wanted Kevin Barrett fired from his teaching job. Now Barrett is turning the tables. Barrett is calling on the voters to fire the politicians, starting with his own 3rd District Representative, Ron Kind.

"The Democrats were elected in 2006 to end the war," Barrett explains. "They failed. Ron Kind and the rest of them keep voting to throw our money into that five trillion dollar black hole in Iraq. That's why our economy is tanking and gas prices are through the roof. It's time to give the Democrats and the Republicans their walking papers. It's time to fire them all." Barrett will be running as a Libertarian and urging voters to throw all Republicans and Democrats out of office. He will be handing out copies of the new DVD Washington, You're Fired while he campaigns.

Barrett said he was inspired to run for Congress by three people: Jesse Ventura, the maverick independent who beat the Democrats and Republicans to become Governor of Minnesota; Ron Paul, the Republican presidential candidate and defender of freedom; and above all Ed Thompson, the mayor of Tomah. "If Ed were running against me, I'd definitely vote for Ed," Barrett admits.

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