Monday, June 30, 2008

Rick Newman and Patrick Creed, I accept your challenge

I was at the Arlington County library and listened to your presentation "Firefight: Inside the Battle to Save the Pentagon on 9/11." I'm the one who asked, "what is the best evidence that Flight 77, piloted by an Arab, struck the Pentagon?"

My question is based on the evidence I present to the contrary at, and in other articles at The Wisdom Fund web site.

You did not permit me to lay the foundation for my question — which I could have done in about a minute, but you did state that you would be glad to debate me in another forum.

I look forward to it. I live in Pentagon City, and can be reached at 703-521-xxxx.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Could you give your full name, please?

This is a level playing field. Pat Creed and I have spent years applying sound journalistic and research principles to our topic, gathering all evidence available to us, corroborating accounts among eyewitnesses and others who were there, and exhaustively fact-checking everything that appeared in the final draft. The end result is a book published by a highly regarded publisher that has been well-received by virtually everyone who was directly involved at the Pentagon on 9-11. You are free to do the same, do your research, find a credible publisher, write a book, and then let the reading public decide if it merits you joining the national discussion on this topic. Good luck.

~ Rick Newman, co-author, FIREFIGHT: Inside the Battle to Save the Pentagon on 9-11 (

Moderator said...

Rick, thanks for responding. My name is Enver Masud, I'm in the Arlington phone book, and you can view my evidence and arguments at

If you report from the Pentagon, we could meet at Borders in Pentagon City.

Anonymous said...

Can someone PLEASE provide me with more info on the 3 alleged mysterious firefighters mentioned in Firefight: Inside the battle to save the Pentagon (pp.137)
And supposedly they were arrested Sept 12th (Goldberg et al., 2007, pp170) The latter also mentions a ´Johnny´ who was said to be a fake military person who ´ even introduces Gray and Beer (Arlington firefighters) to a couple of friends of his who say they work for Special Forces.´
This suggests that it was NOT a random occurrence.
But, I cannot find any other info related to this. Court, police or media transcripts.
Please contact me at