Saturday, September 05, 2009

'9/11 Science and Conspiracy'

Tonight, 9:00 PM EST, the National Geographic Channel will air "9/11 Science and Conspiracy: Experiments with heated steel and thermite illuminate the truth behind questions surrounding the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks."

According to one reviewer, "the special aims to address some of the most common connivances espoused by wackos like Rosie O'Donnell."


Anonymous said...

I have a very simple thing to say. Realize the full ramifications of what we are saying. If the people behind the government are involved in this incident, then they will NEVER let it come to light. GET IT?

Don't waste your time. Find another venue.

Scott Barnard

J.T. Waldron said...

Save the National Geographic propaganda (now a part of Fox News) for those who need to be reassured that everything is O.K., despite the reality of science. Sometimes psychotropic drugs are not enough. While watching this episode I had similar reaction similar to when I had seen the "History Channel's" 9/11 Truth hit-piece. My thoughts were "is that all they got?" Pretty frightening to see how weak the arguments are from a lot of money attempting dissuade others from seeing the government's conspiracy theory for what it is. Presenting this broadcast's deficiencies is indeed a droll exercise, but for the thousands of newcomers to 9/11 Truth that result in these broadcasts...

And here are 800 Architects and Engineers that do not buy the government's conspiracy theory:

Airplanes do not demolish skyscrapers and the entirety of their contents!

Moderator said...

I wouldn't waste my time, but I got a call from a columnist about this, and I would like some rebuttal from those who see it. I'm going to be flipping channels between this and the BYU v OU game.