Monday, March 08, 2010

A leading Japanese politician espouses a 9/11 fantasy

Re Editorial, "A leading Japanese politician espouses a 9/11 fantasy," Washington Post, March 8, 2010

If you believe it's a fantasy, why does the government refuse to answer the questions raised by more than 1000 architects and engineers, dozens of pilots, military and intelligence personnel, etc.?

During my 3-week, 9/11 lecture tour of South Africa — — I spoke to hundreds daily, was on national radio, and was interviewed on a television show broadcast to more than 20 countries. Virtually no one disagreed with me that The 9/11 Commission Report was fatally flawed.

The US embassy declined to provide someone to rebut me, despite the fact that the radio station, SABC, waited over a week for them.

I managed a multidisciplinary team of 150 persons at the US Dept of Energy, have consulted for USAID and the World Bank, and do not put my reputation on the line lightly.

The official version of events is the fantasy.

Enver Masud
Founder, The Wisdom Fund

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